Silliness at its best


Come by my Avi any Wednesday to see my latest #wigitup creation because  #Wigitup Wednesday still goes my Avi every week.

Please remember that I am always ready to help friends with Wigs and Hats.  Just call my name and I will be there to help.



Comments on: "#wigitup" (6)

  1. Sharon Isley said:

    You are so cool!!!! Love your avi’s!

  2. Aaaw, Jeffster. I for one will continue to #wigitup with my pals every Wednesday (and put my tiara on for Tuesdays) Sometimes it’s for a cause but always fun. Shows you can support a good cause and have fun at the same time.

    • Yes I know you do, u are very faithful to your friends thank you. 🙂 some things get old though so a little break is good then roll it our as fresh after while.

  3. Jill Farkas said:

    We r sorry we not participate as much as we shud…mom always forgets about wig day…plus feel bit like a dumb Dora havin to ask for wigs n hats when so mny so creative

    • Wasn’t looking for I’m sorry just wanted to notify some that may be waiting for me topic new themes that it’s even getting hard for me so we take break, love you

  4. Katie Isabella said:

    what with all the illness and care in the family I got disconnected but @katiebella2, at your service.

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