Silliness at its best

Box Turtles

Long about July 2013 my noshellbrother was in the back yard weed eating.  He sent text to mom… hurry come out here turtle laying eggs in our yard….

So mom and dad both ran out into our yard to see this lovely box turtle dig her nst and lay eggs in our yard.

imageAs you can see our yard very big and we have woods behind so ideal place for lots of animals.

imageOnce she laid the eggs she moved back to the edge of the woods and rested.  Turtles do not stay with their eggs or nests they pic a good place lay them and move on…and as you can tell it would be very hard to tell it was there if mom had not marked it.

imageMom showed the video and told our girlshell, Zoya at @torttime who gave us the link to instructions on how to protect the egg nest.  And then we waited ….eggs should hatch in 84 days and we checked and we checked and no babies.  The literature says somethimes the babies will winter over in the nest.  So on Friday February 21, 2014 mom went out to check the nest and….

imageShe three on top cold little baby turtles and she wriggled them out of the dirt and ran back to the house to get tool to extracate the fourth.  She found one egg that apears to not hatched.

As you can see they are very cute and a little bigger than a quarter.  I was in charge while mom was fixing their house.

temporary house

temporary house

our permanent home and rocky antics

our permanent home and rocky antics

Not to long after moving in Penne decided to run the obstacle course

Penne obstacle course

Penne obstacle course

Our names announced





Sweet sleepy babies




We are getting bigger





Comments on: "Box Turtles" (9)

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I love turtles too I think I have said and seeing this is so sweet! Thank you for caring for them like that. BIG smile here.

  2. Sammy & Penny Boxers said:

    Oh Jeffie! This is beautiful. You have the biggest heart. It’s so nice to see a family like yours with so much love in their hearts & always willing to help out others in need.

    We love you. 😘😘

  3. What a wonderful thing to have seen, quite the opposite to the story yesterday about the poor elephant. I do hope the turtles progress well

  4. Dat Momma turtle knew exactly what she was doing and laid her eggs just where you and yur Mom would find them. Dem baybeez will have da bestest start in life pawsible,

  5. eripanwkevin said:

    OMD!!!! This is great Jeff!!!! Wonderful surprise! And how sweet you ‘re to name them from Rocky and Penne!!! Four of them are so cute and now you’ve got these lovely brothers!!!!
    I can’t wait for seeing more pics of them growing!!! 🙂

  6. Beautiful pics of baby turtles and a lovely story.

  7. Katie Isabella said:

    OH! I love this! The watching and waiting, the helping of the cold little ones and their new home PLUS pictures of them as they grow along. I love it. And I love their names. Are they going to stay with you Jeff, or are they going to go out and live in the back yard when they’re older?

  8. I see SOMEONE loves strawberries. Mom’s mother used to have quite a few turtles come and enjoy her tomatoes!

  9. That is so interesting! They are adorable! It is impossible to find a nest of theirs. They look like lots if fun!

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