Silliness at its best

Fridays are always a bit special on Twitter, it’s the day anipals celebrate friendships made and the weekend looming large.  Twitter is always awash with the #FF (#FollowFollow) hashtag as pals encourage others to follow the friends they cherish.


But when you only have little claws and over 1000 followers it is impossible to #FF them all and thank them for their continuing friendship. I got to thinking there must be another way to celebrate these wonderful friendships I have made.  Shutting myself in my turtlemancave I decided to come up with a fun way to show my pals I appreciate them, and of course the sillier the idea the better. I  thought what is the one thing all us anipals have in common and you know the answer was simple, food.  Suddenly I was cooking with gas and thought lets forget the double F hashtag and go for a triple whammy, #FrenchFryFriday.


So every week come rain, hail or shine you will find my trusty potato suppliers Ruger and Izzy, @RugerBlue, delivering only the best New Zealand potatoes to my kitchen ready for me to cook up and flavour with a selection of fun condiments supplied by Miss Nancy @NancyCakeFace.


At work with @RugerBlue, @NancyCakeFace, @PresleyBrixton and @RockytheDogg

At work with @RugerBlue, @NancyCakeFace, @PresleyBrixton and @RockytheDogg

As Friday morning breaks it is time for me to load up one of my #FrenchFryExpress vehicles with helpers and set about delivering fun and fries across the world. You might even hear me singing I’ll get fry with a little help from my friends.

All aboard with drivers @Stanley_Dog and Tate, @jdpoohbear

All aboard with drivers @Stanley_Dog and Tate, @jdpoohbear


Newly  added to #frenchfryfriday is my #frenchfryexpressgarage manned by my expert driver and mechanic, Tori from @jdpoohbear and assisted by my expert navigator Rocky from @rockythedogg.

Delivering fries with @cherylpoestone, @PresleyBrixton and @frankiebudgie

Delivering fries with @cherylpoestone, @PresleyBrixton and @frankiebudgie

As the weeks and months have gone by many varieties and specials have rained down on pals, pizza fries, bacon fries, cheesy fries, all delivered with a song and a smile.

Pizza fries, Nip fries, Bacon fries and Peanut Butter fries

Pizza fries, Nip fries, Bacon fries and Peanut Butter fries

Special deliveries, carrot fries for @queen-great and marmite toast for @archietime1

Special deliveries, carrot fries for @Queen_Greta and marmite toast for @archietime1

A few @NanyFaceCake silly sauces

A few @NancyCakeFace silly sauces

Delivering a little Friday fun in exchange for continuing friendship is my aim and if any pals would like to come fry with me on board #FrenchFryExpress please just ask and of course if there is a special fry you would like to try just say the word and I’ll deliver it right to your door with a cry of Thank Goodness It’s Fryday.

At the French Fry museum with @DearClyde

At the French Fry museum with @DearClyde

French Fry fanatic @AngeltheFurball

French Fry fanatic @AngeltheFurball


Comments on: "How I cooked up #FrenchFryFriday" (8)

  1. Vincent Rocket said:

    Dis so great Jeff and mommy mee luv dis!! Yay for #frenchfryfriday!!

  2. Sammy & Penny Boxers said:

    Love this Jeffie! You’re the master of Fries! We love that so many pals have pitched in to help. Love the pics!

    Nommy nommy nommy! Gimme those fries!

  3. Glad you & mom thought of #FrenchFryFriday & now I can have my #Nip!! YAY!!!!

  4. Me beez hungry now dat I seez all dem friez! Yumsterz! Hugz

  5. Love #FrenchfryFriday

  6. Juneau & Sunny said:

    Yay for French Fry Friday!!! This was great love learning how you got it started!!

  7. Frankie the Wonder Bird said:

    OMB!!! We have French Fry hats!!! We will be sure to wear them this Fryday!!

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