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image Well readers you probably all know the story of The Hare and the Tortoise but do you know the story of the The Hair and the Turtle? No? Well pull up a seat and let me take you on a journey through the the Twitter phenomena that is #WigItUp. image Yes it’s me @Jeffmusk that is the turtle behind the mask, well wig actually, and it all started as a Halloween prank in 2011. Myself and a bunch of pals decided to dawn silly wigs and despite the itch once Halloween was over some of us didn’t want to take our wigs off as they made us laugh so much. image Those that know me will be aware thinking is my middle name and the more I thought about the fun the more I was sure we had to make #WigItUp a regular occurrence. Hence #WigItUp Wednesday was hatched and the silliness continues until this day. image Now with #WigItUp only a blossoming idea I knew I would need to call on the help of some Twitter pals if it was to be a success, and the following pals stepped in to help for no other reason than they were my friends and cared about me enough to ensure that #WigItUp would bring the laughter I hoped it would, so thank you @tillytumtum, @Stanley_dog, @kokotheturtle, @eripanwkevin, @presleybrixton, @jdpoohbear. I also must give special mention to @emmett_dog who retweeted and reminded friends like a real trooper and my dearest @killerparrot who occasionally forgets to wear his wig so wears two the following week, one on top of the other. Their support pierced my shell and continues to touch my heart to this day. image Soon my turtlemancave was filled with wigs and hats in all shapes, colours and sizes and as #WigItUp grew various extensions had to be built until finally at the suggestion of @Stanley_dog I opened my own boutique, House of Jeff.

imageimageEvery Wednesday I look at the #WigItUp hashtag and smile like you wouldn’t believe, some weeks I even sing a song unable to believe that almost 2 years later my silliness continues to spread. Sometimes pals even end up stuck in their wigs. I am not sure if I need to use less sticky toupee tape or if it is those Twitter gremlins at work but on one occasion we were stuck in our wigs for a week but we laughed through it. One great things about #WigItUp is you can pop in one week and not the next, there is no need take part every week just when you feel like a little fun. image Now #WigItUp was born out of fun and silliness but occasionally I use it’s reach to highlight charities or awareness months, and over the years there have been many #WigItUp specials suggested by me or requested by friends. These are just a few, Deed Not Breed, Breast Cancer Awareness, Pet Cancer Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Autism Awareness. image image As well as highlighting these causes sometimes a story touches my heart and I feel that I have to use the wonder of #WigItUp to help someone, this happened earlier this year when I met a special young lad called Archie who suffers from a rare disorder, Propionic Aciduria and whose family were desperately trying to raise awareness of it. Speaking to @archietime I knew I had to get House of Jeff on the case and decided to create a Propionis Aciduria Awareness Day where all pals would wear red wigs or hats. Wanting this to be one of my most successful #WigItUps I decided to have this awareness day on my birthday #WigItUp and it was a fantastic success and as an added bonus young Archie had a good laugh at all us red heads. image Mom and I are very proud of what we have created and the thousands of wigs we have made for pals but as #WigItUp has grown so has the need for new ideas and avis and I have been blessed to see a team of apprentice wig makers sprout up and help spread #WigItUp across the world. #WigItUp wouldn’t be able to grow as it has without the help of @jessietheboxer, @sammytheboxer, @rileythedevildog, @raelenechristi7, @angelthefurball. image Having started #WigItUp to get us through what we in the USA call hump day I never imagined it would become the phenomena it has, and I certainly never expected the accolade of a #Nipclub Anipal Walk of Fame Award but this is exactly what happened in May 2012 when they surprised me with #JeffMuskDay. I have never felt so humbled and continue to be grateful to @3phibotticelli for nominating me for this.


I also need to highlight my pals who have promoted #WigItUp in their blogs @tattlecat and @Whatdoingdougal and @shaynacat and my pal @beanobrien13 even tells me #WigItUp has spread to Facebook and inspired by the success of #WigItUp and The Big Bang Theory @newtthecat and friends started #tiaratuesday to spread HOPE for Liver Shunt cats through Twitter. image So that’s the story of #WigItUp, a little idea that grew arms, legs and a wig of its own. I would like to thank every pal who has taken part over the years and of course encourage others to join us. Please do not be afraid to ask for a wig, we can fulfil most requests, if it’s silly it’s possible. Just remember my apprentices and myself are at your service, and that service always comes with a smile. image

Friendship Day 2014



Comments on: "The Hair Raising History of #WigItUp" (9)

  1. I love to wig it wig it. Welcome to the blog world Jeff.

  2. emmett_dog said:

    This is pawsome! Thank u for mentioning me 🙂 everyone loves u & #Wigitup

  3. sammytheboxer said:

    This is great Jeffie! I’m gonna RT this link so more pals will understand the history of #wigitup!
    Great pics too!

  4. Frankie the Wonder Bird said:

    So that’s how it started!! Miss Nutmeg and I feel naked now without a hat or wig…thank you for all the causes you support, and all the smiles you bring, and for for just being silly and fun!!!

  5. This is a very wuverly story! Tank you for sharing it with me and today I am #WigItUp Thank you to SammytheBoxer for making me look pawsome!!

  6. Fanks you. I was always interested. I hope mom feels better by Wed. She has a sickie and going to the human Vet today. xox

  7. Ms. Molly Cat and Mama said:

    I lubs all my wiggies and Iz gotz yoo to fank fur dem. I tries to remember to put my wiggy on!! Me and Mama lubs yoo Jeffie berry much.
    Ms. Molly Cat and Mama

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