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Meet Jeff Musk n Mom

With Special thanks to @angelfurball and mom for typist skills and patient help

Spokesman Jeff

Spokesman Jeff

Hi, I’m Jeff a 19 year old Musk turtle who loves to make people smile. Luckily I live with a like minded mom and together we bring lots of fun and silliness to Twitter. Please follow me @jeffmusk and join in the fun.

A little about me…..I am a house kept turtle and live with mom and super dad in a water tank near Nashville, Tennessee USA.  I have two water turtle brothers a year younger than me; Elmer, a yellow belly pond turtle is the biggest with a shell of ten inches, Larry, a painted turtle the most active.  We have recently taken in four box turtle babies that hatched from their nest in February 2014.  So we are an six turtle home now.  I have a Noshellbrother and a grandma that live next door.

Musk turtles full grown only have a four inch shell so we are very small.  I love the water and stay under most of the time.  I have a special tongue that converts oxygen so I can breath under water. It does prevent me from eating out of the water.  I eat pond sticks mostly although I also like freeze dried shrimps and occasionally baby carrots.  As a Musk turtle I do not swim very well and usually just walk across the bottom of my tank more like a Hippo.  I can be out of the water for extended times but do not really like it.  As most turtles I am an escape artist and have escaped my tank four times. Once when I was young I escaped and thankfully our Boxer dog Daisy did not eat me.  The second time I wound up under moms recliner after taking wrong turn at the DVDs as I was trying to go visit Ms. @oldladybishop. The third time I was lost in the house for about thirty minutes and was given an ankle bracelet from Sherif @Rockythedogg.  I have a heater in my tank, filter and light and my turtlemancave.  Being a Musk turtle means that I can hiss stinky stuff when I am scared.  Turtles are mostly solitary animals and prefer to be alone, I did live together with my brothers in one tank but we started fighting and biting and now everyone has their own tank.

Comments on: "Meet Jeff Musk n Mom" (34)

  1. Yay! Jeff you have a blog! Woohoo!

  2. NancyCakeFace said:

    ConCATs my HardShellPal! Great job Jeffy! Love you!

  3. I love it Jeffy and Jeffys mom! Great jov! Can’t wait to see what the first announcement will be! XOXO thank you for your silliness hee hee

  4. Juneau & Sunny said:

    Jeffie has a blog!!! Way to go buddy xx

  5. Yay, concats Jeff & mom.. Job well-done!

  6. Oh Jeffie I just found you. I am so excited but don’t spend too much time away from me on Twitter because that would make me very sad

  7. Hi Jeff, welcome on wordpress *purrs*

  8. oh, and naturally welcome to mom too 🙂

  9. Global Dachshund X (@skye613) said:

    Love the blog!

  10. Vincent Rocket said:

    Yay Jeff!!!

  11. So happy my friends like my blog

  12. Frankie the Wonder Bird said:

    Love it!!

  13. Hey Jeff! Welcome to the bloggywiggysphere.

  14. tinkie weed juss lubs all da wiggies an wiggie wennesday on Twitter in Anipal seckyun. Jeffy iz kool dood.

  15. eripanwkevin said:

    Hi Jeff!!! *paw waving* How cool that you have a blog now!
    I love reading bloggie, so can’t wait for your next post!!! 🙂

  16. Jeff I will check that blog and know my mommy actually DOES help turtles cross the road. xxooxx

  17. Love ur blog Jeff we subscribe so we dont miss

  18. Hi Jeff we are signed up to follow you.

  19. TillyTumTum said:

    Yay Jeffy! I lufs your bloggiewog! X

  20. Hey Jeffie. I jus did findz u here. U beez da bestest! Luv ur blog! **gentleshellrub**. Hugz

  21. Hey Jeffster

    Do you mind if I use your comment setup to make a suggestion about #wigitup. When I last checked your blog, you’d said that October was pink for breast cancer awareness and orange for Halloween (when I dress up in my skeleton). So I didn’t plan to check your blog until November for a new schedule.

    I subscribed to your blog partly so that your posts about #wigitup colours/purposes would end up in my emew box and I wouldn’t miss anything. But if you add something to the #wigitup page rather than as a blog post, the emew doesn’t get sent.

    So could you, say, post something big on the #wigitup page but then send a blog post saying the #wigitup page had been updated.

    It was pure luck that I picked up today that tomorrow’s colour is purple for domestic violence awareness.

    Thanks pal.

    • Thanks for the suggestion just learning stuff here how do I do a blog post like you are says ??

      • Hi there again. I’ll start with what I hope is a simply explanation of what triggers the automatic emails to your subscribers.

        When you publish a blog post in WordPress, anyone who has subscribed to your blog gets an email. But if you update an existing post, no email gets sent because for WordPress updating is different from publishing. Often, we publish something and however careful we’ve been, we miss a typo – I often do! Sometimes I may tweak a post several times after publishing and if emails got sent every time someone made a little tweak, subscribers would get inundated!

        You’ll notice that if from the Dashboard you click All Posts, then select a post and click Edit, the big button on the right says “Update”. If, instead, you click Add Post you’ll see it says “Publish” and that’s the big difference.

        So though we got an email when you first published the wigitup post, we didn’t get one when you updated it with the announcement about the purple wigs.

        One trick to get round this is to first update the existing post and then add a new post simply saying that the wigitup post has been updated. You could say something like “Visit the blog and click on the “Hair Raising Story of #Wigitup” link. Or, instead of updating the wigitup page, put the graphic/details in the new post. When you publish, the email goes out and 27 of us get the message and can help to get the word out.

        Does that make sense?

      • Yes thank you very much ….will do it for November as soon as I decide on whole month 🙂

  22. Thank you so much for hooking me up with a wig! It looks wonderful. I like your blog too 🙂 I signed up to follow. If you get a second, check out my blog and let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you!

  23. I don’t know if you are into these or not, but I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by my blog anytime to pick it up!

  24. Luv u Jeffy! Hugz. Stella @Ppawdavis

  25. Mia and Manu said:

    Hi Jeffie- we lubs your bloggy!!!! Mia and Manu

  26. @ottogingerboy said:

    Injoyin yor blog bery much !

  27. katie isabella said:

    Thank you for the follow Jeff. xo on my mommy’s WordPress blog.

  28. Katie Isabella said:

    Jeff…you there my Pal? Maybe I see you at #Nipclub some evening?

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